The Legend Of Cedar Crest Ice Cream In Michigan

If you’re familiar with the “Legend of the Sleeping Bear” and “Sleeping Bear Dunes” in Michigan, you might be interested in a similar legend involving the introduction of Cedar Crest Ice Cream in Michigan.

Just like “Mother Bear and her Cubs”, who left Manitowoc, Wisconsin to swim across Lake Michigan to safety, Cedar Crest loaded it’s ice cream on the car ferry S.S. Badger at Manitowoc and headed to Ludington, MI in pursuit of economic success rather than safety.

The direct Lake Michigan route to Ludington was the most efficient and least costly route to Michigan.  

Unfortunately, each of the three attempts to deliver it’s ice cream to Ludington failed! Once the passengers on the S.S. Badger learned about the ice cream cargo, they devoured every single scoop before making land at Ludington. Many passengers immediately made the return trip to Manitowoc just to enjoy the ice cream from “America’s Dairyland”!

Thankfully, Cedar Crest Ice Cream bit the economic bullet and started to ship it’s ice cream to Michigan by freezer truck.

Cool Cat Ice Cream Bowl appreciates this legend and is pleased and proud to serve our local and tourist community with Cedar Crest Ice Cream!